• Attention: The communists are attacking

    Let's not forget too quickly that Junker was elected in a very similar way as Alenka. Full of deceit, secrets, etc. The secret vote in the EU Parliament, which enthroned the pre-agreed drunkard Juncker and deception of Alenka Ruby B. at home, public of course, unintentionally results in a serious answer to the question what the politicians think about the people who're helping them live pretty comfortably by the way…

  • Experiment

    After a quarter of century of transitional rollercoaster, our decisions are dictated by the drunkard Jean-Claude Juncker. Debates behind closed doors, cognac for breakfast and absolute obedience are his trademarks. I don't know how many cognacs the drunkard drinks throughout the day but I do know that Juncker is one of direct implementers of the European crisis, which of course is not only financial. Money is only the agent for all other crises surrounding us, such as the Ukrainian, moral and so forth…

  • J.B.K.

    Ker je bil JFK zgodovinska osebnost, bi se lahko tudi mi domislili česa podobnega. Saj ne, da so nam Američani za vzor, zveni pa dobro. Še veliko bolje je slišati, če dodamo preprosta dejstva.

  • The Last one?

    Can we be happy that our 1st wannabe Slovenia Pharaoh proved to us once again on Saturday that personal issues run pretty deep? No, because it's not quite right to forge information so horribly and send them to the world. At least in my opinion. Why?

    Only he and Vinko Vasle obviously saw the Russian military parade in Ljubljana and notified the EU/USA politicians, as well as NY Times, Time.com and few other media outlets… Emergency hospitalization?!